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About WIMA

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WIMA has been created as a support group to empower Pakistan-based women in media in order to bring quality, inclusivity, diversity, and fair representation to the national news and other media. Our members include women from all mediums and create all forms of media content – ranging from hardcore news to serialised dramas and documentaries. We aspire to empower our members by giving them skills and connections to facilitate and improve their work.

Our vision

Our vision is to grow as an Alliance that directly contributes to the journalistic and media narratives that define and influence social and political norms in Pakistan. We seek to grow for the promotion of progressive and democratic values rooted in human and civil rights, inclusion, diversity and feminism.

Founding Members

Sadaf Khan

Sadaf Khan is the Co-Founder of Media Matters for Democracy, a Pakistan-based non-profit working on freedom of expression, media and technology, progressive media, and internet regulation.

Tanzeela Mazhar

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Advisory Board

Nasim Zahra

Benazir Jatoi

Najia Asher

Amber Rahim Shamsi


Minahil Shahab

Program Manager

Ayesha Khalid

Project Coordinator

Zoha Jamshaid

Communications Manager

Ramsha Afaq

Chief Designer